A Checklist of a Memorable, Bragworthy Vacation in Sunshine Coast

A Checklist of a Memorable, Bragworthy Vacation in Sunshine Coast

It happens every after summer time—someone who went to Sunshine Coast for a vacation comes back with a meaty and envy-inducing story about their summer adventures. While you sit there probably turning green with envy, you’re also starting to visualize a vacation in Kings Beach Caloundra—long walks by the sugary beaches and restaurant-hopping—oh, you can’t wait! However, you’re a bit clueless. How does a memorable, brag-worthy Sunshine Coast escapade sound like?

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To make things easier for you, here’s a checklist of the experiences you definitely must have before and during a vacation in Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

1. Friendly Accommodation Services

Of course, you wouldn’t go to a famous vacation spot like Sunshine Coast without at least preparing a schedule or a list. If you’re the spontaneous type, then that’s too bad, because there are several awesome Sunshine Coast accommodation deals in Kings Beach Caloundra today.

In case you’re not familiar, accommodation services help you satisfy the tourists’ vacation needs and problems through convenient, streamlined solutions. For instance, if you’re looking for cheap holiday house rentals, some accommodation companies like Accom Caloundra can offer you some specials like a 20% off discount on a two-bedroom apartment if you book this year from September to November. This is just one of the many worth-it holiday rentals Sunshine Coast companies offer these days.

2. A Gastronomic Adventure

Now that you have booked for accommodation services prior to your trip, you may arrive in Sunshine Coast with a rumbling tummy. Well, lucky you, because most Sunshine Coast accommodation services also include referring tourists to the hottest dining spots in the area. These are some of the eating spots they may suggest:

  • Spice Bar – an eye-pleasing tapas-styled restaurant, Spice Bar will take care of your night caps and midnight meals with your friends. With a relaxed approach in the atmosphere, you’ll surely want to drop by before you call it a night.
  • Ba Vigo – If you’re up for a Spanish-North African dinner, then Ba Vigo will surely leave you stuffed and salivating when you remember the meal you had there.
  • Wasabi – Who wouldn’t try an eatery that’s won two chef’s hats and has satisfied customers with their farm-to-table 7-course specialties of seafood eaten in a room with water views? Wasabi is for oriental food aficionados who have strong cravings for refined Japanese cuisine.

3. A Kings Beach Caloundra Coastal Walk Route

If you’re traveling with your significant other, surely you wouldn’t leave without exploring the famous Kings Beach Caloundra coastal walking routes. Stretching 25 kilometres to the most mesmerising shorelines, the Caloundra Coastal Walk will leave you out of breath (figuratively and literally) from seeing the gorgeous Pumicestone Passage and the sandy beaches of Kawana and Mooloolaba.

On the other hand, if you’d like to explore other walking trails, you may visit http://www.mapmywalk.com/us/kings-beach-ca/ for hiking trails in Kings Beach.

4. View of Glass House Mountains

Imagine thirteen hills towering proudly over untarnished coastal plains, would you dare to miss this view? Seeing it, as what tourists have described, is already enough to quench the thirst for an awe-inspiring scene. It’s refreshing to see Glasshouse Mountains in contrast to the steel giants of the cities. Fortunately, facilities like Glass House Mountains Lookout provide a spectacular Glass House Mountains viewpoint for tourists. If you’re a fan of the volcanic remnants in nature, Glass House Mountains is one view you wouldn’t really want to take for granted.

5. Strolling along the Lighthouses of Kings Beach Caloundra

Another experience you’d be so unlucky to miss is a stroll along the lighthouses of Kings Beach. Standing 12-metres and capped with domed lanterns, the lighthouses of Kings Beach are gentle, steel sentinels that give a safe and calm presence to whoever comes by them. The view from the lighthouses are even more rewarding—further describing the view would take out the fun—it’s up to you to uncover it.

Can’t wait for your Sunshine Coast adventure to begin? Make sure to book for an accommodation service package for a no-fuss summer vacation.

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