What to Consider When Purchasing an Infrared Sauna

What to Consider When Purchasing an Infrared Sauna

Having a sauna in your home can prove very convenient for steam room lovers and all who appreciate the health benefits that come with using a sauna. What’s even better is the fact that the cost of installation is relatively cheap. However, there are so many infrared saunas for sale 2 in the market and choosing the right one can prove quite a daunting task. Here is what every shopper of an infrared sauna ought to know before making a purchase.

1. Type of Heating Elements Used

Ceramic infrared heaters are viewed as the most effective heating elements for saunas. They work by heating a ceramic panel or rod after which the ceramic material produces the infrared heat required to warm the sauna. These heaters are known to create a large quantity of heat and also for their durability.

Carbon fiber infrared heaters are heating elements made from Carbon fiber panels or rods. They do not create a large quantity of heat as the ceramic heaters, but they create a long wavelength of heat. Furthermore, carbon fiber infrared heaters are less costly to produce, making saunas that depend on them for heating cheaper to purchase. Additionally, these carbon heaters are praised for even distribution of heat in comparison to the ceramic ones.

2. The Design of the Heating Element Used

Heating elements come as rods or panels. The emissivity rate of panels is generally higher in comparison to rods. For this reason, they are considered to produce the best infrared heat as infrared heaters are rated by their emissions. Aussie Saunas

3. The Wavelength of the Infrared Light

A good infrared sauna has a long wavelength. The shoppers looking at infrared saunas for sale should, however, be on the lookout as manufacturers use this as a catch to promote their products with claims that are deceptive. 6.85 microns is a high wavelength and beyond this, buyers should raise an eyebrow.

4. Type of Wood Used in the Construction of the Sauna

Saunas made from cedar wood are most recommended. This is because cedar produces natural oils that keep insects away from the sauna and also offer protection from deterioration. There are also other infrared saunas for sale that are available in materials other than cedar. They include saunas made of pine and plywood. They come at a cheaper price than the ones made of cedar wood. The problem is that these other woods are prone to faster deterioration compared to cedar. Furthermore, the potential toxins are at a risk of being released when glues used in the sauna are subjected to high temperatures.

Saunas have many health benefits that include reducing pains, detoxification and others. Having a sauna at home can be super convenient for sauna lovers. It’s however, very imperative that a person looking forward to buying an infrared sauna for sale does enough research to avoid being duped by manufacturers and also just to make the right informed decisions. For more information on infrared saunas and sauna accessories for sale, visit http://aussiesaunas.com.au/infrared-saunas-sale-parts-repairs-brisbane infrared-saunas-sale-parts-repairs-brisbane.

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